Natural Bar Soap That is Good for Your Skin, the Planet, and Your Health

Looking for bar soap that pampers your skin and healthy? Soap made with essential oils and organic ingredients is perfect for the whole family!

Natural Bar Soap

The use of chemical-free soap started centuries ago for a number of reasons. They're made with natural ingredients like coconut oil and herbs to provide an effective cleanse that doesn't dry out or irritate your skin. Organic Soap bars have been used for generations because it is effective in cleaning and leaves skin soft and supple.

Natural, handmade soaps are also known to have a long shelf life because they don't contain any preservatives or additives. It may take a little more effort to wash with organic soaps because they are made with organic ingredients, but they provide a whole host of benefits that can help your skin.

Using organic soap bars can be a challenge. They often cannot wash away oil or grease as well as conventional soap does, because they do not have any chemicals that could cut back on these tasks.

People who prefer organic bar soaps should avoid anything with artificial ingredients and synthetic fragrances. The body can also react poorly to these chemicals which may result in allergies or skin irritations. Most conventional bar soaps are made with water, alkali, and surfactant (emulsifier), plus coconut oil or glycerin to cleanse, soothe, lubricate and moisturize the skin.

Soap is a compound made up of fats and other chemicals. It eliminates fatty acids and proteins through the surface of the skin and also helps replenish your cells with essential oils.

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With Pre de Provence soap, you'll leave the bath feeling rejuvenated and ready to start your day. Made with pure, natural ingredients and enriched with shea butter and aromatic fragrances, this soapy sensation will transport you to calmness, vitality, or dreamland. Take a whiff of this scented soap and you will get the amazing scent of honey and almond. It creates a rich, creamy lather that moisturizes and soothes your skin.

“Great soap for sensitive skin. I have been using Pre de Provence soaps for many years. The sage is my favorite. The smell is earthy but sweet and with a little something something to exfoliate the skin without irritating it. I love this soap and give the guest sizes to friends and family. This way, they can try it. My dad is an Irish spring kind of dad, but I converted him, and now he insists on bars for birthdays and holidays. :-)” Patricia October 9, 2022

This vegan bar soap set is made with natural, biodegradable, and vegan ingredients. Each bar is wrapped in biodegradable paper so you can keep it in your pocket or purse and use it as you go. The set of 4 bars included in this bundle makes it the perfect gift for someone who loves to try out new scents: Avocado Grapefruit, Coconut, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus Mint, Seaweed Sea Salt, and Lavendar.

This soap is made with organic, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and unrefined avocado oil. It has a light, bubbly lather and a fresh, clean scent. The soap moisturizes and leaves your skin super soft and healthy looking.

“Had been looking for a vegan soap that: rinses clean, doesn't cause residue to build up in the shower, and works for my sensitive skin. This is great on all counts, plus it smells wonderful (without artificial fragrance)! I've been vegan for several years, and when I found out that most big soap brands contain animal ingredients (or ingredients that used animals in some way during production) I was disgusted...why would I pay a company to lather my skin up with factory-farmed tortured animals? How could I feel clean after doing that? I tried Trader Joe's vegan soap and it seemed to make my itchy skin worse. Plus the bar was so huge it kept slipping out of my hands in the shower. So I found this company on Amazon. When I opened the box the scent was amazing, and after using it for a few weeks my sensitive skin feels healthy and the itching is resolved. Each bar has different plant ingredients, and each one I have tried so far is working great! I'm now a subscriber.” Lindy October 24, 2022

Kirk’s soap is 100% natural, biodegradable, and contains no artificial colors, fragrances, or chemicals. Cleanse, condition, and moisturize your skin with this therapeutic soap. This bar is vegan and cruelty-free, made with 100% premium coconut oil, and gentle enough for every member of your family.

Kirk's bar soap is made with coconut oil and a vegan-friendly base. It has a natural, yet creamy and foamy lather that leaves skin feeling soft and healthy without toxic chemicals. If your skin is sensitive and dry, this is the soap for you!

“Yes, a review for soap. It's that good. I have been using Kirks for years. Great lather, long-lasting and clean (no perfume) smell. Plus no single-use plastic waste in the environment. Must try. You'll be hooked too.” Peep October 24, 2022

Bali Soap is a cold process body soap containing six exotic formulations of vegan soap. Bali soap is smooth, lathers well, and leaves your skin feeling soft. The organic soaps are handmade with natural ingredients and come in unscented or in fresh-cut scents which is a great choice for those with sensitive skin types that are prone to allergies.

The Bali Bar Soap uses glycerin, which is a humectant that helps attract moisture to the skin and is gentle enough for even the driest, sensitive skin. This bar of soap is made from 100% biodegradable ingredients - no synthetic ingredients or unnatural preservatives.

“I have very sensitive skin, and it even hyper-reacts to soaps designed for sensitive skin. I used to have itchy, red skin with dry patches even after using dermatologist-approved soaps and lotions. I don’t have any other skin condition. I switched to Bali soaps and felt an immediate difference, my skin wasn’t as dry after bathing and the itchiness went away after 2 weeks of using the soaps. It’s moisturizing and gentle, and the scents are pleasant and not overpowering. I like that they have texture to the bars, some are exfoliating which is great. highly recommend the change to anyone.” Tala September 9, 2022

Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap is the perfect soap for your entire family. The company uses only the purest organic ingredients, infused with essential oil fragrances for a pleasant aroma.  Dr. Bronner works with high-quality, natural, and sustainable ingredients to implement regenerative organic farming practices that enrich the soil and increase biodiversity.

Dr. Bronner's is a trusted, natural product for your family's health and well-being. Their products have an invigorating peppermint scent and are vegan-friendly with no harmful ingredients! Their botanical ingredients are carefully blended to create 100% pure soaps, laundry detergents, cleaners for your home, body care products, and more!

“I have been looking for overall alternatives to over-produced products using words and chemicals I can't pronounce. Enter Dr. Bronner's! My husband started using the liquid soap for hair and body a few months ago and loved it. I tried it and also was pleased with the results, but prefer bar soap. Super pleased I switched! Great lather, my skin feels soft and moisturized, and the scents while they may not be what we've come to expect from chemically created rose or lavender scents, are wonderful and more natural.” Jen. F October 20, 2022

How to Choose the Best Natural Bar Soap

Natural bar soap is a product that has been on the market for quite some time. It is made from natural ingredients and is usually free of harsh chemicals.

The most important thing to look for when purchasing a natural bar soap is the ingredients list. You should choose one that has no questionable ingredients, artificial fragrances, colors, or preservatives. You should also look for one with natural oils such as avocado oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Natural bar soaps are better than regular bar soaps because they don't contain harsh chemicals and are more environmentally friendly. They have a lot of benefits such as moisturizing skin and providing nutrients to your body in a way that isn't harmful to it and the planet.

Below are some important points that you should keep in mind when buying natural bar soaps:

  • Has it been tested on animals
  • Choose one that has natural ingredients only, as there are other products with synthetic ingredients that might be harmful to your skin.
  • You should also check out how well the product works for sensitive skin, as it might irritate.

Choose a Natural Bar Soap Over Regular Soap

The use of synthetic chemicals in traditional bar soap has caused a lot of health problems. The chemicals used in these soaps can cause cancer and other diseases.

Natural soap bars are made from plant-based oils, essential oils, and other natural ingredients that are safe for your skin. They also have a more pleasant smell than traditional soap bars.

Choosing natural soap bars over regular soaps is a way to protect your health and the environment at the same time.

Why You Should Use a Natural Bar Soap

If you're looking for organic soaps that are good for your skin, and use natural ingredients, then you should try natural bar soap that is also perfect for sensitive skin. Here are 5 reasons why you should use bar soap:

1. They're eco-friendly

2. They're inexpensive

3. They have fewer chemicals than other soaps

4. They can be used on all types of skin types and hair types

5. It's better for the environment

Why You Shouldn't Use Soap with Harsh Chemical

The use of chemical soap has been a controversial topic for the past few years. Soap with harsh ingredients can be harmful to the environment and even more dangerous to your health, especially if you have sensitive skin. They also provide the ability to wash or rub away into the environment, which can create toxic brews of chemicals. For these reasons, it is better to use natural handmade soap or bar soap rather than chemical soap.

The most common ingredients for natural handmade soap are oils and water with a few drops of essential oil added. There are many different soap recipes for natural handmade soap which can include: lye, glycerin, fragrance oil, herbs, and more.

For sensitive and dry skin, oils like castor oil, argan oil, and avocado oil can be incredible soap ingredients. These oils help keep your skin feeling hydrated and well-protected.

Start Using a Natural Bar Soap to Supercharge Your Beauty Routine!

The most important thing you need to have in your skincare routine is good quality natural bar soap. These soap bars are made from the purest ingredients and are free of any chemicals or additives that can harm your skin. They’re also great for your hair, too! Use a soap bar that has no detergents or foaming agents. No chemicals or additives can harm your skin.