Graphic Eyeliner that Will Get You the Stunning Cat Eye Without Any Makeup Experience

Graphic Eyeliner lets you create amazing, eye-catching designs. Try one of these eyeliners to give your look a stunning, dramatic touch.

Graphic Eyeliners

Applying eyeliner can be a daunting task for many people, especially if you don’t have steady hands. With practice, you can get better and improve your results. The graphic eyeliner trend has continued making waves in the beauty industry.

Graphic liners provide endless possibilities and eye-catching designs. It can be difficult to master even the simplest of makeup techniques but the graphic eyeliner trend is approachable that you don’t even need any makeup experience to master it.

If you want to up your makeup game from the classic winged liner, try playing around with cool graphic eyeliner makeup trends. Different geometric shapes, bright colors, or more intricate designs are a new makeup challenge to conquer and will certainly spice up your look.

Not sure where to start? Here are 5 graphic eyeliners to try to level up from your regular black eyeliner makeup routine.

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Give your eyes a seductive look. This L'Oreal Pro-Last water-resistant eyeliner pencil is smudge-resistant, long-lasting, and perfect for creating any look. It glides on easily and delivers intense pop of color in a rich, flirty shade. It is a must-have in your beauty bag.

A liquid-ink eyeliner with a unique brush that allows you to draw thick and thin lines with ease. It also comes in a waterproof formula with an easy click-off cap for on-the-go application. You can create a kaleidoscope of eye looks with this liquid eyeliner in vibrant shades. The metal-free, highly pigmented formula creates bold colors, long-lasting that stay in place for 12 hours. The innovative felt-tip liner allows for easy application.

Best Waterproof Eye Liner

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Want the perfect cat eye? Kat Von D's tattoo liner Trooper vegan liquid eyeliner is here to help you create the best-looking eye game. With a super-precise brush tip, this vegan formula liquid eyeliner pen is easy to use and won’t smudge, giving you the perfect winged eye with minimal effort.

Maybelline's Liquid Eyeliner is a revolutionary new liquid eyeliner that offers all-day wear, with a waterproof formula, smudge-proof, and long wear with no color fading. Create your perfect eyeliner every time thanks to the dependable ultra-fine felt tip applicator.

Without the hassle of smudging or transfer, use this 2-in-1 eyeliner pencil with the intense, day-to-night staying power of waterproof liquid eyeliner. The ultra-smooth and creamy formula glide on easily for a precise look.

Tips to get the perfect graphic liner look every time

1. Prep your eyelids with an eye primer or concealer before makeup and you'll ensure that your eyeliner doesn't smudge throughout the day.

2. Keep your lip makeup simple when creating a colored- graphic- eyeliner look! Your eyes should be the center of attention!

3. To achieve the perfect look of colored eyeliner, you should use a concealer that matches your skin tone. Using an eyelid base with a concealer that's two shades lighter will be enough to make it appear more vibrant.

4. Learn how to apply eye makeup for your eye shape to get the most out of your graphic eyeliner look.

Graphic Eyeliners FAQs

What eyeliner is trending in 2022?

The fishtail eyeliner trend is the latest graphical eye-makeup look to gain popularity. It features top and bottom eyeliner that mimics the shape of a fish!

How do you do graphic eyeliner?

If you have hooded eyes, draw the line just above your crease, which is the soft fold of skin where eyebrows should begin. To create this graphic eyeliner makeup, look straight ahead in the mirror and trace the natural shape of your crease.

What is graphic eyeliner look like?

Graphic eyeliner lets you experiment with your look by drawing attention to your eyes. You can also use strong colors, intricate shapes, and dramatic line effects to make your eyes stand out.

Why is it called graphic eyeliner?

Winged eyeliner is the trend where you outline your eyes using a black liquid liner. It takes a steady hand to create the bold graphic eyeliner look!

What do people use for graphic eyeliner?

Graphic eyeliner makes a huge change from your classic cat eyeliner and can be created with gel, liquid or pencil liners, and even eyeshadow. The point is to have fun and learn!

Can you use eyeshadow as graphic eyeliner?

Some makeup artists suggest using eye shadow as eyeliner to create a smoky eye look. When you blend different shades of eye shadow into a thick line across your whole eyelid, it's easier to create the dramatic effect that is often seen with liquid liner or pencil liner alone.

Which eyeliner is better liquid or pencil?

Liquid eyeliner will give you a very sharp line, perfect for a very intense look. If you apply liquid eyeliner to your eye and create any kind of dramatic pattern, it creates a head-turning effect more than regular eyeliner.

Is pencil or gel eyeliner better than liquid liner?

If your lids have lots of folds, a pencil or gel may be a better bet than liquid because you're more likely to get accurate results. Liquid liners require preparation, which can be difficult and time-consuming depending on how much product you want to use. If you are dealing with sweaty and oily eyelids, then gel liners may be better. So long as you have the right kind of eyeliner, using a primer will help it stay on for hours.