Fragrance Oils for Creating Natural and Scented Candles

Create your own scented candles with fragrance oils. Our selection of long-lasting oils give you endless possibilities in making your candles.

Fragrance oils for candles

From the day I started making candles, I have been trying to find fragrances that not only smell good but their scent also lingers in the air for a lengthy period of time.

Even though I have a sensitive sense of smell, I was taken aback at how some of the scented oils had strong chemical odors and they did not truly depict the natural ingredients they were purported to portray.

After a lot of exploration and experimenting, I now have a list of my favorite scents. I'm continually testing new brands and fragrances, so this list is ever-growing.

Natural Fragrance Oils for Candles

While many candle fragrance oils are synthetic, you can find all-natural options derived from plants. I have listed my favorite fragrances and their sources below - these are bottom of the line products that I personally vouch for and recommend.

Candle Fragrance Oils

Now, let's talk about the best candle fragrance oils for every season and purpose. I've personally discovered some of the finest ones for you to use.

Fall Fragrances

I've been experimenting with a few new Fall scents this year, from pumpkin spice to cinnamon clove and apples. All of them are a big part of the Autumn experience and I'm excited to share my list with everyone. Besides everyday use, a few of these aromas would be ideal for the festive season of Christmas as well.

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Capture the essence of autumn with Pumpkin Harvest Oil! Our premium fragrance oil is perfect for all your homemade aromatherapy diffusers, candle making, and air fresheners. With a delightful blend of fresh ginger, nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon, you create your own unique scent that will bring the cozy atmosphere of a pumpkin harvest into any room.

Discover the bold, warm scent of Cinnamon Clove Oil from Barnhouse Blue and let it fill the air with its spiciness and florals. Feel refreshed by its top notes of bergamot and peach, lifted by the middle notes of jasmine, cinnamon, clove, and rose and then let it all settle down to a woody, musky blend of tonka beans and vanilla.

Fragrance Oils vs. Essential Oils

When I first started crafting candles, I was enthusiastic to create all-natural versions with natural fragrances from essential oils.

Through much trial and error with my expensive essential oils, I finally figured out that pouring them into candle wax is a waste of resources - no matter how many oils you use, the outcome will be the same. So it's best to avoid using those oils in that manner.

Candle flames are not an appropriate way to utilize essential oils. This is because the heat generated from them breaks down the oil's essential components, making it inefficient to scent your home. All in all, it is a waste of essential oils and not a beneficial strategy.

Christmas and Holiday Fragrance Oils

It all started with me trying to find the ideal aroma to recreate a Christmas tree scent in my scented candles. I was trying to make up for not having a real tree the year before. I explored several scents of fir and trees, testing them out until I found the perfect blend of a freshly-cut tree.

After testing a few essential oils to make my home smell like Christmas, I eventually discovered that nothing beats the real thing. However, these candle fragrance oils come the closest to giving you a festive scent.

Create a tranquil atmosphere in your home with Good Essential Balsam Oil. The amber glass bottle is easy to use and provides the perfect amount of oil for any diffuser. Transform your home with a few drops of our balsam oil - it's the perfect way to fill any room with a calming, soothing scent and make it feel like a tranquil oasis.

Embrace the holiday season and all year round with Balsam Pine Oil! This amazing fragrance oil is specifically formulated to make your candles smell like Christmas morning! Imagine a house or office filled with the warm and inviting scent of balsam pine that lasts long after you light the candle. Indulge your senses and create an incredible ambiance in your home or office with Balsam Pine Oil!

MAJESTIC PURE Juniper oil is made from freshly harvested juniper berries, and is rich in antioxidants - perfect for calming, balancing, and toning your skin. With its sweet, woody aroma, it's also great for aromatherapy massage, diffusing in your home for a relaxing atmosphere, or just simply to boost your mood.

Citronella Fragrance Oils

During the summer season of last year, I set out to find an effective way to keep mosquitoes away from my patio and other outdoor areas. After a few experiments, I have identified the best essential oils for making citronella candles that really work!

Get rid of pesky bugs and mosquitos with Bug Gone Fragrance Oil! Our special blend of natural oils, including citronella, peppermint, lemongrass, cedarwood and geranium will keep your home smelling fresh while driving away mosquitoes and other insects. Great for use in air freshener sprays, diffusers, candles and more - Plus, it's phthalate free so you can feel good about using it.

UpNature Citronella Essential Oil! Our 100% pure & natural oil keeps insects and mosquitos at bay while providing several therapeutic benefits like treating fevers and headaches. Our premium quality oil contains no added toxins or chemicals, so you can be sure you’re getting the most gentle yet effective care. Stop wasting money on toxic chemical bug repellents, and start enjoying the natural protection of UpNature Citronella Oil today!

Frequently Asked Question

What kind of oil is the best for candle making?

Natural essential oils are the ideal choice for candle making. Fragrances like citrus, lemon, lavender and tea tree provide a soothing ambiance and create a very pleasant aroma in the home. They make excellent additions to any home and their calming notes are especially beneficial for relaxing.

Which fragrance is best for scented candles?

If you're looking to get rid of any unwanted smells, then fresh citrus and woody candle scents are top-notch options. They are highly effective in masking all kinds of odors.

How can I make my candles smell stronger?

Properly trimming the wick to approximately 0.5 inches before you light it is the key for a pleasant scent. If the wick is too long, then the flame will be bigger and burn out faster, reducing its scent intensity & diminishing its ability to perfume a room.

What is the cleanest burning oil for candles?

Pristine Oil® is a highly sustainable and naturally biodegradable oil, which burns cleanly and is unique to the Everlasting Candle. Each bottle allows for up to 50 hours of environmental, fragrant-free illumination.

What is the most popular candle scent?

It shouldn't be very surprising that Vanilla is America's favorite flavor, which makes it a top-choice scent for many folks.

What candle making wax has the best smell?

Paraffin wax is seemingly the most ideal for creating a strong scent, which explains why many high-end businesses are still using it to make their candles.

What candles have the longest lasting smell?

Understanding the wax type is key before starting. Soy wax is the best option available; however, paraffin wax tends to be more economical and burns quicker than soy. Soy candles typically have a much longer burn time than traditional paraffin ones. A soy candle of the same size can last anywhere between 50 to 80 hours compared to 35 to 40 hours for paraffin.

What happens if you put too much fragrance oil in a cndle?

Going overboard with fragrance oil isn't going to enhance the scent throw of your wax; it can act as a counteractive and actually reduce the smell. Moreover, if you exceed the recommended fragrance oil load for the wax it could cause that oil to separate from the wax, resulting in a potentially hazardous fire situation.

How much fragrance oil do you put in candles?

It's accepted to use 0.5 ounces of fragrance for every pound of wax when making candles. For double-scenting, you can use 1 ounce of scent and when triple-scenting, you may need up to 1.5 ounces per pound of wax.