Best Selenium Supplement for Thyroid Health and Immunity

Selenium is an essential mineral has proven to help fighting free radicals and reducing the risk of cancer. Here are our top picks.

Best Selenium Supplement

Selenium is considered an essential mineral. Yet, we rarely hear about the importance of minerals for optimum health it is a few that are essential to our health.

Selenium is important because it provides small quantities of health benefits but is essential for good overall well-being. Selenium has strong antioxidant properties. It also plays an important role, along with vitamin e, in the functioning of our thyroid gland, to maintain proper thyroid function.

It works with vitamin C, providing benefits to the body's immune system and helping to create the master antioxidant called glutathione.We’ve put together a list of the top Selenium supplements for you, so you don't have to.

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Bronson Selenium 200 micrograms of selenium a natural micronutrient supplement which provides high-quality and pure selenium in an easily absorbed form. One bottle contains 200 mcg of selenium, packed into 100 tablets.

Bronson's Selenium 200 mcg has been manufactured under stringent quality control using only the finest ingredients. This supplement contains a bioavailable form, or chelate, of selenium which has been clinically shown to be more easily absorbed and tolerated than selenium supplements in the non-bioactive form.

NOW Selenium is an essential trace mineral that is found naturally in Brazil nuts, organ meats, seafood, and wheat germ. Selenium is an essential nutrient for human wellness, maintaining healthy thyroid function and immune health. NOW's 100% vegan, yeast-free selenium dietary supplement provides 200 mcg of selenium per tablet with no artificial colors or flavors.

A proven formula for preventing cognitive decline and oxidative stress. Enhance cellular function, energy, and life expectancy with Life Extension Selenium supplements. The Super Selenium complex includes three different types of selenium supplements, each one containing vitamin E, for better health.

Did you know selenium can help boost your immune system and promote a healthy inflammatory response? Life Extension Selenium is a vital mineral that supports heart and brain health. It may also support healthy thyroid and immune function.

Pure Encapsulations Selenium provides high-quality sources of selenium to help support healthy blood flow, healthy cell function, and immune system function. It has been used for centuries and is even recognized by the FDA as a required nutrient. So make sure to take Selenium every day!

Pure Encapsulations has an extensive line of high-quality supplements for every need. They use only the highest quality products and manufacturing processes to ensure their products' effectiveness. It contains no tree nuts, gluten, or artificial colors.

Dr. Mercola Zinc + Selenium is a comprehensive and potent formula because it contains both selenium and zinc. It even contains a small amount of copper which helps prevent zinc deficiencies. Trace minerals are needed by the body for good health. That's why Dr. Mercola formulated Selenium + Zinc (Zinc Plus Selenium) so that you can get the benefits of both minerals.

Health Benefits of Selenium

Here are some of the awesome health benefits of selenium that you could reap from this mineral.

1. Thyroid Health

Selenium is an essential trace mineral that helps maintain the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Without selenium, the body cannot produce enough thyroid hormone, which can lead to a variety of health problems including brittle nails, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, muscle weakness, hair loss, and weight gain.

2. A Powerful Antioxidant

Selenium is an important mineral in the body. It is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells. Selenium helps with regulating hormones and improves immune function. Antioxidants are our diets, as they help give us long, fulfilling lives.

They protect our DNA and fight cellular damage to keep us looking youthful for longer. The oxidative damage in your body result in everyday toxin levels, high stress, inflammation, and a poor diet. Excessive amounts of oxidative stress, especially in the brain will lead to mood disorders and reduced brain function, Alzheimer’s, and premature aging.

3. Prevents Cancer

Selenium is a powerful mineral in reducing and fighting the effects of cancer, reducing inflammation, boosting immune health, and promoting healthy skin, hair and nails.

There is a direct correlation between the levels of selenium in your blood and the risk of certain cancers. Selenium is believed to play a key role in our cells’ ability to repair DNA,  and thyroid hormone metabolism. When DNA is damaged, it usually disrupts normal cell function, resulting in the development of cancer.

4. Heart Health

Selenium, a mineral found in a variety of foods, is an essential nutrient that can help protect cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that people with selenium deficiency are more likely to develop serious heart problems such as cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. Selenium helps regulate thyroid hormones, which in turn maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

5. Strengthen Immune System

Selenium is an essential mineral that helps maintain healthy immune response, and it has been shown to be effective in treating certain types of cancers. Selenium rich foods can boost your body’s ability to use them more efficiently, which can improve your health by reducing inflammation. Selenium also helps your body use vitamins A, E, C and D more efficiently.

Selenium is an essential nutrient for the human body that helps maintain healthy skin and hair, and cognitive function. It also support the immune system, and keep the thyroid gland functioning normally.

6. Testosterone and Fertility

Selenium is a trace element, that plays an important role in DNA synthesis, reproduction and fertility. It is associated with testosterone production and sperm function. Men with low levels of selenium in their blood have been found to have a decrease in both sperm concentration and motility.

Side Effects of Selenium

A higher doses of selenium may cause skin rashes, nausea, a metallic taste in the mouth, as well as diarrhea. At high levels, it can result in selenium toxicity.

Dosage Recommendation for Selenium

Selenium is an essential mineral that is needed for the healthy functioning of the body. It helps in the production of thyroid hormones and also protects the cells from damage by free radicals.

The recommended dietary allowance of selenium is 55-200 mcg of selenium per day, which can be achieved through diet or a supplement. Selenium is suggested in doses of no more than 200 mcg of selenium per day.

Best Selenium Supplement FAQs

Here are some of the most popular questions people asked about selenium supplements.

What are the best forms of selenium to take?

Selenomethionine, an organic form of Selenium, maybe also the most absorbable form you need. The absorption rate is higher than that of other forms, so it may be the best one for you.

What drugs are selenium interact with?

Selenium is a trace mineral that is found in many foods, including meats, grains, and some vegetables. Selenium interacts with certain drugs by changing the way they work or by causing side effects.

Drugs that interact with selenium:

  • Antacids
  • Antidepressants
  • Antidiabetic agents
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Birth control pills
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Heart medicines

Is it worth taking selenium supplements?

Selenium is a very important trace mineral with many essential benefits. Significant intake of selenium can improve male fertility, offer protection against certain types of cancer (e.g., bladder, lung), help to safeguard the function of the digestive system, and maintain healthier skin.

What are the main symptoms of a selenium deficiency?

Those who follow a vegan diet or vegetarian diet may be at risk for selenium deficiency.

  • Low thyroid/Hashimoto’s thyroid
  • Weak immune system
  • Infertility
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Hair loss
  • Muscle Weakness

Does selenium cause weight gain?

Adding selenium supplements won't cause you to gain any extra pounds. Selenium has important functions in thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism, which help your system manage energy levels.

Should I take selenium in the morning or at night?

Selenium levels are highest in the morning and at night but it is best to spread it out. Selenium can be excreted from the stomach within 24 hours but accumulates in the thyroid gland and is essential for immunity.

What foods have the highest sources of selenium?

Selenium-rich foods include Brazil nuts, seafood, organ meats, and others. Selenium can be found in foods including meat, cereals, other grain products, and dairy products.

Is it OK to take selenium every day?

The upper limit is up to 400 micrograms of selenium per day for adult lactating and pregnant women. Selenium deficiencies are uncommon in the United States among healthy people.

How long does it take for selenium to work?

Suffering from muscle pain? Selenium deficiency could be the culprit. Provided you see improvement in your symptoms within 4 weeks, supplementing with selenium should provide relief.

Is selenium good for hair loss?

Selenium and hair growth research shows that selenium can be an effective treatment for alopecia. There's a study where people with telogen effluvium take selenium supplements and their hair started growing back.

Does selenium help with belly fat?

Selenium is a mineral that may help with belly fat. Selenium is important for a healthy thyroid, which influences metabolism and weight regulation. A selenium deficiency increased levels of belly fat, obesity, and even diabetes.

Does selenium affect sleep?

A deficiency in the mineral selenium may play a role in sleep abnormalities, particularly for people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Research has shown that before, an improper intake of selenium has been linked to diabetes and cardiovascular conditions.

Does selenium give you energy?

Selenium supplementation helps turn food into energy by providing the body with thyroid hormone.

Best Selenium Supplement for You

Selenium supplements are a popular form of treatment for many different illnesses, including cancer. Selenium is a trace mineral that may help reduce the risk of some cancers, as well as improve the immune system and increase fertility.

Taking supplemental selenium may be useful to improve the immune system. It has a rich content of selenium which is important for the body to be strong. Selenium also helps in providing energy to the body and prevents diseases. It is also used for treating certain cancers.