Mushroom Coffees is The New Latte of 2022

Mushroom coffee may be our new morning go-to for its promising calm energy, stress relief, and better immune health.

Best Mushroom Coffees
Best Mushroom Coffees

Mushroom coffee could be the new morning go-to for us. It promised calm energy and stress reduction, and it was even claimed to help improve our immune health.

If coffee dominates your morning routine, then it’s not necessarily the best way to start your day. Some people, tired from jitters, dependency, even acid reflux stomach, are now replacing coffee with mushroom coffee.

And maybe they're onto something: this type of coffee may help you feel calmer, low-acidity buzz that's good for people with sensitive stomachs, have more energy, and even improve your immune system.

Some of the most commonly used mushrooms in mushroom coffee are also known as adaptogens, which help combat stress and restore balance. They also contain multiple other health benefits.

What Is Mushroom Coffee?

The best mushroom coffees are blends of beneficial mushroom extracts, and they often include a splash of tea or coffee. These mushrooms aren't the kind you eat; they're medicinal mushrooms that have been around for thousands of years, sometimes even as natural health treatments.

The best mushroom coffees don't taste like mushrooms at all; they just taste like coffee. So there's no reason to worry about their flavor or the negative effects of coffee.

Here are some of the most commonly used mushroom coffee ingredients. Most purported health benefits have been based on extensive anecdotal evidence and cell and animal testing.

Lion's Mane: Lion’s mane extract has been used medicinally for centuries. Studies show that the fungus may strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation, and alleviate anxiety and depression. Lion’s mane extracts have been found to have anti-cancer benefits, help people with diabetes, support brain function, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Chaga: Chaga mushroom, which has been used by humans for hundreds of years, may be just as beneficial as lion’s manes for reducing chronic inflammation and boosting the immune system.  The Chaga extract may fight cancer, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.

Reishi: Found mainly in Asia, they've been used for hundreds of years in Eastern medicines. Preliminary studies have found that Reishi may help increase energy levels while reducing depression and anxiety. It’s often used to treat diabetes and improve overall immune health as well.

Cordyceps: A parasitic fungus, but it has some really interesting potential health benefits, all backed by lab studies. It has been shown that it boosts exercise performance, sex drive, mental energy, and heart health while reducing signs of aging.

Benefits of Mushroom Coffee

The ingredients in mushroom coffee contain beneficial compounds, including polyphenols, polysaccharides, vitamins, and nutrients, which help boost the body's immune system. Mushrooms' antioxidant properties help fight oxidation, lower blood pressure, and lower blood sugar levels.

The best mushroom coffee appears to provide clean energy, improve immune function, reduce stress, and lower inflammation. Furthermore, since caffeine content is less when you're switching from regular coffee to mushroom coffee, you'll experience better sleep and, again—even more energy during the day!

And, if you want the benefit of the best mushroom coffee without giving up that caffeine boost, then you can have both. Most mushroom coffee comes as a powder, so you can add one scoop to your regular coffee and reap the health advantages of mushrooms with your usual cup of joe.

Best Mushroom Coffee 

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee


Four Sigmatic has created quite a bit of buzz by creating an energy-boosting, mind-enhancing mushroom coffee. The brand which includes lions mane for focus and Chaga for immune health tastes great.

This pack of four Sigmatic mushroom coffee contains 10 single-serving packets and acts as an instant coffee, which makes them useful for transporting to work or storing in your bag while traveling. Add them to non-dairy milk, smoothies, or tea for an energizing treat.

These packets are smaller and contain less caffeine content. They might be better for people who want to cut back on their caffeine intake.

It contains 250 milligrams of Lion's Mane, 250 milligrams of Chaga, and 100 milli­grams of Rhodiola Rosea, which has been shown to improve mood and boost energy levels.

A helpful review: After taking the Lion's Mane coffee, I feel mental clarity and increased focus on the days I take it. They're convenient for travel and to take anywhere. Each packet only contains 40mg of caffeine so that I don't consume too much caffeine at once.

It’s relatively easy to take a bunch of caffeine and call that focus and energy, but you‘ll know the difference when you swap most of that caffeine for high-quality medicinal mushrooms. Both products contain Chaga, which means no matter whether I want to boost my focus or energy (or boost both) I’m getting an extra boost to my immune system.

Best Adaptogenic Coffee Alternative

Rasa Herbal Coffee Alternative


This instant mushroom coffee from Rasa includes ashwagandhas, an adaptogenic herb that many people use as supplements to reduce anxiety and improve their brain functions. It contains Chaga and reishi mushrooms to further improve mood and energy, and it contains no caffeine at all. It’s a good choice if you want to quit caffeine completely or do a caffeine reset.

If you're looking for an alternative to regular coffee, this herbal mushroom coffee blend may be just what you need. Each serving contains Chaga, Reishi mushrooms, plus other herbs, including Rhodiola and Ashwagandha.

It was described as delicious, nutty, slightly reminiscent of chai, and a good addition to coffee. This product is certified organic and provides digestive support and is a great addition to your morning daily routine.

A helpful review: This drink tastes good as an alternative to coffee! Since I started drinking coffee, I've eliminated caffeine. It tastes like coffee, but without its acidity and caffeine.

And I love the health benefits I get from drinking my Rasa like energy without high highs or low lows, I feel calmer and I'd be surprised if I read it, because I'm happier on days when I drink it.  It's also an affordable mushroom coffee with many health benefits.

Best Combination Mushroom Coffee

Sun Alchemy Mushroom Coffee


Sun Alchemy is another type of mushroom coffee that’ll get you questioning your usual cup of joe. It helps to bring out the lion’s manes for cognitive function, as it contains reishi and chaga mushrooms.

Unlike the other options for making coffee at home, Sun Alchemy’s mushroom coffee includes 110 milli­grams of caffeine per serving, about the same as a normal cup of coffee. Many customers enjoy this drink because its calming effects counterbalance the negative side effects of caffeine. Coffee gives you the energy of caffeine without the jitters and anxiety.

If you want to reap the most health benefit from a mushroom coffee, this is the one to try.  While the brand may be less well known than others, it offers the most powerful blend of four adaptogenic mushrooms — lion's mane mushroom, reishi mushroom, chaga mushroom, and cordyceps mushroom.

This is certified organic and uses certified fair trade coffee, with each packet containing 110 milligrams of caffeine. The brand claims that it has 40% fewer calories than other brands that sell the same size packet. Reviewers commented this coffee is "full-body" and "delicious".  They're great for making a quick cup of mushroom coffee on the go.

A helpful review: My coffee preferences include black coffee and I'm very particular about everything from grinding the beans to brewing them. When I first saw that this was instant, I wasn't expecting to like it. It was love at first sip. Not only did it taste amazing, but it made me feel so good. Without the jitter's effects of caffeine. Since then, I've tried two other brands and they don't even come close to this brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Caffeine Is In The Product?

Our mushroom coffee has about 40 mg of caffeine, which is less than half the amount found in a regular cup of regular coffee. To maintain energy naturally and eliminate the jitters, we focus on cordyceps, not coffee.

Can You Consume While Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

While it's safe to consume mushroom coffee while you're pregnant or breastfeeding. However, if you do, we suggest consulting with your doctor first.

When Is the Best Time to Consume Mushrooms Coffee?

We recommend it first thing in the morning to get your energy level up, your focus turned on, and your happiness at its peak. It's the perfect breakfast. It's also great for an afternoon pick-me-up. It’s not at all harsh like coffee. Its calm energy takes you smoothly into the evening hours.

What Are the Differences Between Mushroom Coffee and Normal Coffee?

With less than half of the caffeine in mushroom coffee, it offers health benefits including better focus, no jitters, and sustained energy without the crash. Functional mushrooms provide numerous health benefits because they're antioxidants, antivirals, and antimicrobials.

Is Functional Mushroom the Same as Magic Mushroom?

While we think the mushroom in our blend is perfectly wonderful because of their health benefits, they're not magic mushrooms. There are over 10,000 species out there, but medicinal mushrooms are different from magic mushrooms. They don't have any psychedelic effects at all.

How Should I Use It?

Simply dissolve the blend of mushrooms and coffee beans in an 8-ounce cup of hot water or a mini-frothing pitcher to make it extra foaming and frothy! Add your favorite milk and blend well together for an even creamier consistency for a boost of healthy energy. Add natural sweeteners to your liking.

Best Mushroom Coffee for You

If you're a coffee drinker or if you love a hot beverage in the morning, it's worth the money and effort for you to try Mushroom Coffee. Mushrooms can have quite a significant impact on how you feel, and how your body functions, too.

You may find that the product provides you with the sustained energy that you're looking for throughout the entire day. It’s even better than traditional coffee because it has lower levels of caffeine.

Mushroom coffee has become a promising health drink that adds a different kick to your morning cup of coffee and provides you with health benefits that allow you to live the life you want. If you're looking for an alternative to coffee, mushroom coffee could be a good option.