Best Concealer for Mature Skin to Conceal Years Off Your Face

Designed for mature skin types, our concealer blurs imperfections and helps with tone correction. Its creamy texture is totally undetectable.

Best Concealer for Mature Skin

Concealer is an important makeup tool that you should have in your beauty arsenal. They can be used to cover up under-eye circles, blemishes, scars, acne, redness, and other skin imperfections. However, it's important to choose the right type of concealer for your skin type.

There are many ways to use a good concealer such as using it before applying foundation, which fills in and evens out the skin. It can be used as an eyeshadow base or even on its own for a natural-looking finish.

Concealers come in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes. The most common types are liquid concealer, cream concealer, and stick concealer. Creamy concealers tend to work better on dry skin whereas powders work best on oily skin.

Liquid concealer is usually recommended for those with problematic or sensitive skin. Concealing the flaws of your skin is hard. That is why we’ve compiled a list of the best concealer for mature skin to help you achieve your goal.

Benefits of Using a Concealer

There are many benefits of using concealer. Some people use it to cover up their acne and other blemishes on their skin. Others use it to mask under-eye circles or scars on their face. Concealer can also be used for contouring; this is when the person applies concealer in different areas of their face to make them look more defined and slimmed down.

The most important benefit of using concealer is that it helps you feel more confident about your appearance because it hides any flaws you may have on your face or body.

Downsides to Using a Concealer

There are a few downsides to using concealers. One of the most obvious is that they can be very expensive and difficult to find, especially if you have specific skin types or shades. Another downside is that they can feel heavy on your skin, especially if you are using a thicker concealer.

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Maybelline's age-defying concealer is guaranteed to help erase dark circles, fine lines, and other imperfections. This liquid under-eye concealer is fragrance-free, formulated with goji berry extracts, and has active ingredients to combat dark circles and puffiness. It is made for all skin types.

Customer review:

“As its name implies, this product erases discolorations of the skin or dark circles under the eyes. I use this product every day to give my skin a more even tone and to get rid of those dark spots and circles on my face that come with age. An added perk is that the product also moisturizes so it's a two-in-one tool. Also, the color matches my skin well. It is lightweight and yet provides total coverage of skin imperfections. Love this product!!”

NYX Photogenic concealer is a lightweight, emollient concealer that provides natural to medium-coverage concealer for larger areas of the face. Whether you're looking for a long-lasting formula or non-comedogenic formula for acne-prone skin, NYX Photogenic is your perfect concealer.

It covers dark circles, redness, blemishes, and other skin imperfections by minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and pores, for the smoothest coverage. This lightweight concealer has skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, and vitamins A and E help to hydrate and condition the skin.

Customer review:

“I love this product. I use it for the highlight for contouring and it's fantastic for that. The wand is nice and smooth to apply the product, then I blend it out. It's not too light to make me look like a ghost and still gives a nice, natural look. I'm fairly light-skinned so I use the 01 Porcelain for the highlights and the 7.5 Deep Golden for my shadowing effect. I thought the deep golden would be too dark at first, but it blends well - I then finish off with a loose powder. Overall, I'm really satisfied with these and how well they work. NYX is a good brand in general, I use a lot of their products.”

The 16 Hour camo concealer is for adding a subtle hint of color and coverage to your makeup routine, whether you're heading out on a date or attending an important meeting —this formula won't look cakey. This hydrating concealer has a rich, creamy formula that leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Now you can apply concealer with a light powder application to provide a natural, minimalist approach to your makeup routine. For a bold look, go for red lips and black eyeliner.

Customer review:

“I love this concealer for an affordable everyday look. It’s full coverage and I like the dreamy consistency. I use it for my nautical days to cover the bags under my eyes & it does the job well. I recommend a daily, more affordable concealer.”

NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Contour Concealer has a wide shade range for you to choose from, and it won't transfer! Plus it has three major color necessities covered: coverage, complexion, and perfectionism. You can use the matte, blendable formula to camouflage imperfections, brighten up your face, and highlight your features for perfect contouring.

This hydrating formula moisturizes your skin and also provides 24-hour protection. Pair the long-wearing concealer with its complementary colors to create complete coverage.

Customer review:

“This concealer is flawless, a dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape. This has full coverage and settles well under your eyes and your fine lines. It doesn't crease much and it's a good affordable concealer. I work ER in 12-hour shifts so I tend to wear makeup for 13-14 hours. This will last about 10 hours since it starts to separate a little at that mark. I have combination skin and I recommend this concealer - just don't wear it for 13 hours or more.”

IT Cosmetic full coverage formula is an anti-aging waterproof concealer that can hide any imperfections and even adds a youthful glow to your mature skin. With an incredibly lightweight formula, just one dot of concealer is all you need to get that luminous, dewy finish look!

It Cosmetics is an excellent concealer and a color-corrector that helps cover dark circles, wrinkles, and acne in that under-eye area.

With a creamy texture and a natural finish, this product is easy to apply and blend with your favorite IT cosmetics concealer brush.

Customer review:

“I read the reviews about how small the package was and was concerned BUT I ordered anyway and discovered you don't need a bigger tube, A dot goes a VERY long way my negative would be that I feel like it's just a tad thick so I mix a drop of eye cream in with it. I have very dark circles so it works for me... It's the best I've discovered...the drugstore brands don't work for me. They are either cake-like or way too thin.... this worked out for me.”

“It’s Cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer is the best I’ve ever used! I’m 60 and like to do my makeup every day. Truly will never use anything else!”

Best Concealer for Mature Skin FAQs

Here are some of the most important questions people have about concealers.

Does concealer settle into lines?

The concealer has a lot of oil in it and oil prevents the makeup from settling into lines. It imparts a matte finish that makes it an ideal pick for oily skin without settling into fine lines.

Should concealer be darker than your skin tone?

Although under-eye concealer should ideally be lighter than your natural skin tone, you want your all-over concealer to match as closely as possible with your skin.

Do you put concealer on before or after the foundation?

Applying foundation prevents redness and minor blemish size. It also creates excellent coverage for your makeup.

If you apply concealer before foundation, you may end up thinning out the coverage of your makeup, which can create a heavy and cakey-looking finish.

Should concealer be lighter or darker than foundation?

You should always go a shade lighter than your foundation. The lighter tone will cancel out any discoloration on your skin. Concealers that are more than one shade lighter than your skin tone will make you look ghostly.

How do I know my concealer shade?

To ensure you get the perfect concealer shade for your skin tone, try on a few shades lighter than your skin tone to brighten the under-eye area.  You can swipe on your wrist to find the best color match.

What is the correct way to apply concealer?

The correct way to apply concealer is by patting it with your fingertip. You can also use a concealer brush for more precision and control.

Do you put foundation on eyelids?

You don't want to put concealer or foundation on your eyelids as a base -- it could cause your eye makeup to crease!

Is BB cream better than concealer?

If you want a natural and lightweight makeup look and don't have many imperfections to cover, go for a BB cream. If you need more coverage, you can use a concealer to cover dark spots. A concealer has a thicker formula, so it shouldn't be applied to the entire face.

How do you make your concealer look natural?

You can make your concealer look natural by applying a thin layer of foundation, then apply concealer over top. You should not use too much product or apply it in an uncoordinated manner. Apply it with a sponge applicator or use the back of your hand to pat the product on your skin.

What Colour concealer covers dark circles?

The best color to conceal dark circles is the one that matches your skin tone. If your skin is pale, then choose a light shade of concealer. If it's medium, then choose a medium shade, and so on. Orange concealer takes care of blue dark circles.

Which concealer is the best liquid or stick?

Liquid concealers are always your go-to option for make-up. If you're looking for a high-quality concealer to cover up acne, or imperfections, you're better off with some liquid concealers than a concealer stick. From a hydrating finish to satin or matte, liquid concealers are a beauty staple in any woman's makeup bag.

Get the Perfect Under Eye Coverage With Concealers!

Concealers are a must-have in any makeup routine. It is used to cover any imperfections or discoloration on the skin. A concealer is also often applied under the eyes to make the eyes appear more awake or to cover dark circles, cover age spots, freckles, or redness.

Most likely, the best concealer would be one that is formulated with ingredients that are not irritating and will not cause breakouts. The best concealer for mature skin is one that can help cover up and minimize pigmentation, unevenness, crepey skin, and dark circles.